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PLUVERA, your reliable partner

Thanks to our dedicated staff, years of expertise, state-of-the-art production process and extensive logistic network, we are able to supply the very best hens to our customers all over the world.


The live hens, supplied by recognized professional laying hen farmers, are delivered by specialized transport companies and skilled drivers. Transport takes place using both animal-friendly and efficient containers, as well as the more traditional crates.

Slaughtering process

The most modern technology is used to produce high-quality hen products. We use, e.g. animal welfare-friendly gas stunning, hygienic and in-line sectional immersion chilling, computer-controlled product tracking, metal detection, ... . Everything is permanently monitored by the Federal Food Agency (F.A.S.F.C.) and by annual independent B.R.C. and F.C.A. audits.

Packing and freezing

The hens and hen parts are hygienically packed and frozen in our quick-freezer, to guarantee the microbiological quality. A variety of packaging types ensures a customer-friendly presentation of the entire product range.


We export already beyond Europe, and both Africa and Asia have grown to become important distribution markets. As a result of our many years of experience and our logistic expertise, we are able to deliver our products to almost all destinations worldwide.

... there is no business like chicken business ...